Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to Design Tech Tonics!

It seems that my occasional Facebook and Twitter posts about technology, and especially how technology makes our lives (and businesses) more efficient, has attracted your attention, even to the point that my followers value them almost more than what I post about interior design and decorating.


Do you know that “tectonic,” when used as an adjective, means “of or pertaining to building or construction; constructive; architectural.”

And of course, you know that “tech” is a shortened version of  “technology,” as in “She has a good grasp of computer tech.”

Tonic” means “anything invigorating physically, mentally, or morally.”

Naturally, it's also a pun on "tectonics," as in things that move, as in plates of the earth's crust, but that's a whole other discussion. 

So there you have the genesis of my blog “Design Tech Tonics.” 

Primarily, Design Tech Tonics is intended to invigorate your understanding of how technology can make you more efficient, and ultimately, have more fun with your devices.

I look forward to your following this blog site so you don’t miss a single tip, app, short-cut, or idea that just might be the thing that benefits you the most.

If you'd like to leave a comment, feel free to do so. Where? If you're signed into Google, you'll see that there's a tiny, little word " COMMENT" next to your name below this blog. Click on it and there's a place to type in your comments. That's it. I welcome your feedback and input; go for it! 

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  1. How perfect for you! You're in the “know” when it comes to tech. Looking forward to the blog growing so I can stay on the leading edge of technology.

  2. Can't wait to hear more Beryn. We are in accord as to the trend cycle of technology and design!

  3. I am so happy that you are doing. I am not a techie, but I try really hard and what I know, I've taught myself! Can't wait for your advice.

  4. Congratulations on you new and latest blog. I've been a MAC user for years and gradually became the family techie. Never did I expect to find such fun and pleasure in using these electronics and Apple makes it so. I look forward to staying current with your latest news and advice on the subject. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

  5. Nice idea, Beryn! I like it so far.



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