Monday, May 16, 2011

There’s an App for That - Working From Your iPad, Part 2

Keynote, Numbers and Pages

In an earlier blog, “There’s an App For That – Working From Your iPad,” I showed you several apps that facilitate your working efficiently while away from your desk by using an iPad. The apps in that article dealt with being functional in terms of accessing existing documents that you or someone else created elsewhere.

All useful and without a doubt, make the iPad an invaluable business tool. But what if you want to create new or edit  existing documents right on the iPad? To be sure, there’s an app for that too, if not dozens.  Here are the three “biggies,” apps that are essential and well reviewed.

These apps, Numbers, Pages, and Keynote, are presented without bias as to their usefulness to you, but are highly rated by users for what they do. Keynote and Pages are iPad versions of Apple’s computer software, so if you know how to use it there, these should be easy for you. 

What these apps do is let you work on docs that you or someone else prepared at a desk computer or laptop. You can also generate new docs on the iPad, send them to your computer and edit them there too. It’s now a two way street between devices.

What  They Are
Excel spreadsheets are a mainstay of most businesses; they’re the meat and potatoes of crunching numbers when you want to analyze business processes and revenues. “Numbers” is the iPad version of it.

Apple’s “Pages” desktop software is an excellent way to efficiently design creative newsletters, brochures, and invitations, along with any other material you can conjure up. Now you can do the same work on your iPad with the app designed for this platform.

And “Keynote” is Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s PowerPoint desktop software that lets you design and produce impressive visual presentations for sharing with audiences, both big and small. Now there’s an app for your iPad so you can keep the workflow going in any environment.

Extensive descriptions of each app’s capabilities are listed on its page, so read carefully and decide if it’s right for you.

This app is Apple’s iPad answer to Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet and iWork software Numbers ’09. The same functionality is there, and the same learning curve, But if you know the one, you’ll quickly adapt to the other. You can share these files in a variety of ways, so office functions can be as portable as you need them to be.

This app is  the iPad version of Apple’s iWorks ’09 desktop software program that lets you design newsletters, invitations, brochures, anything visual that has a formatted template. You can share the final version via email, the web, and a variety of other sharing sites.

Design and create visual presentations using images from your photo library, select text from a wide variety of fonts included in the app, and build transitions from slide to slide that make your show look like it was produced by a professional graphic artist.  You can then present your slide show right on the iPad or project it on a screen using a VGA plug that can be purchased for this purpose. One note of caution; if you design and build the Keynote slide show on a computer and send it to your iPad for presentation, not all the slide transitions from the desk version convert to the iPad. Do some testing before the big event.

This information gives you a great way to discover new apps to present your company’s information in a visually compelling way so you can keep your audience engaged and interested.

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  1. I can vouch for Pages and Keynote. They are a bit different from the desktop version of course but really are two great apps.

  2. Thanks Donna. I always appreciate your input and perspective.


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