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iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch - Tips & Tricks – Part 2

In Part 1 of the series “Tips & Tricks for your iPad (and iPhone/Touch)” you learned how to:
·    easily lock your screen’s orientation, brightness, and iPod volume controls on the iPad,
·    close apps,
·    make folders for your apps,
·    quickly find someone or something.

If you missed that article, you can find it HERE. 

Once you've master those, this list of tips and tricks will add even more to your facile use of these amazing devices, so read and learn.

1. Locations

A lot of apps use your Apple’s location feature, but you might not want to let them. You can turn this feature off by going to “Settings,” click on “Location” and then turn them off selectively. This helps save battery life while keeping your information private.

2. Lock “Find my iPad” (iPhone, iPod Touch)
In order for Find My iPad (iPhone, iPod Touch) to work, Location Services must be turned on, but a tech-savvy thief might be able to turn off the service once they get their hands on your device (assuming it’s not password protected in the first place).
Here’s how to prevent Location Services from being disabled: use “Restrictions” from within the “Settings” app. Open the “Settings” app. Go to the “General” section and look for “Restrictions” on the right hand side. Turn Restrictions “On.” Once you enable Restrictions, look at the second section listed, “Allow Changes.” Tap on “Location” and choose “Don’t Allow Changes.”
Now if your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch is ever lost or stolen, someone would have to know your passcode to be able to turn off Location Services.
3. Grab Screen Shots
Sometimes being able to take a picture of your screen is a good thing, especially when reading magazines and want to reference something later or save an ad. There’s an easy way to do this; press and hold the power button on top of the device at the same time as you press and hold the Home button. If you have the sound on, you’ll hear a camera shutter noise. The image is stored in your Photo Library for later reference and can be imported into iPhoto next time you synch.

4. Quick access for up to 6 apps (4 on the iPhone/Touch)
At the bottom of the device is a space, a bar if you will, with a few apps in it. You can rearrange which apps you’d like to have there, and put as many as of them 6 there. Just tap on any app’s icon (badge) until it starts shaking and has an “X” showing. Touch the app’s icon, hold it, then drag it to the bottom bar. When you’ve finished press the Home button until the apps stop shaking. Now they’re in position. It also works on the iPhone and iPod Touch with a maximum of 4 apps in the space bar. When you have enough apps, this principle also applies for moving apps from one screen (page) to another.
BTW: The little dots above the bar indicate
how many pages of apps or folders there are in your device.

iPad only
5. Apostrophe sign

With the keyboard showing, touch and hold the comma/exclamation mark ( , ! ) key until you see the apostrophe sign. It shows up in blue. Release and it’s part of your text.

6. Quotation mark

Same principle, different key; touch and hold the period/question mark (. ?) key until you see the quotation mark.

Now you know a few more ways to be a master on your device. Go forth and enjoy!

UPDATE - August 9, 2011
Learn how to manipulate apps and folders on Tips & Trick, part 3. Click HERE to read it.
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  1. Fantastic information as usual. I love the snap shot option. It's a quick way to collect photos for ColorSplash to add to your gallery.


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