Thursday, August 4, 2011

There’s an App For That – Construction and Home Improvement

Doing a remodel? There's an App For That!
Recently, I was contacted by Chase Gugenheim, an SEO specialist at Best Online Universities who writes for “Construction Management Degree,” an online site devoted to helping people become more proficient and degreed in the home improvement industry.

Chase very generously offered me a link to a comprehensive list of iPhone and iPad apps for Contractors and Home Renovators that he developed. This list is also useful for Interior Designers and anyone else interested in maximizing the usefulness of their devices for interior design and landscape work.

The list, entitled 30 Incredible iPhone and iPad Apps for Contractors and Home Renovators,” is comprised of 30 different apps along with a brief description of each app’s capability and a link to the app’s web site. Once at the web site (or blog site) you will find even more detailed information about the app and a link to iTunes where you can download it for your device. Often these web sites include information about other apps by the developer, so it’s useful information about more than just the 30 apps listed.

Measuring, adding color, room layouts? There's an app for that too!

Some of the apps included in this list are amongst my favorites for getting the work done; ColorSnap, iBlueprint, Mark on Call, Remodelista, LEED AP Building Design and Construction, Carpenter’s Helper, and Dimensions.

Rather than reproduce the list with the links, and all the other information it contains here, I encourage you to go directly to the list by clicking HERE.

These apps will make you smarter, more efficient, and better at what you want to do, and isn’t that what the iPhone and iPad is all about anyway?

And again, waves of gratitude to Chase for doing the work and sharing it with me so I can share it with you.

The information contained herein is for guideline purposes only, is not intended as an endorsement of any product, and is no guarantee of the results.

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  1. Thanks Beryn! Very helpful and also very nice of you to provide to us! -vita

  2. You're most welcome, Vita. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Create the home design process i know got from your provide information!

  4. I would research more on these apps for construction before I would use them. I will check on which one will fit my needs.

  5. Wow I was not aware that we can avail apps that are as useful as these ones. We will be seeing a lot of construction people using IPads soon!

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