Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beryn's SF Design Center "Fall Into Fabrics With Technology" Presentation

For those who were unable to attend my presentation at the SF Design Center, I’ve created these videos of it so you can view the content of the presentation here. 

As was the presentation itself, here it's in two parts: “Mastering the San Francisco Design Center’s Web Site,” and “Technology Makes Us Better At What We Do: There’s an App For That!”

I've attempted to be comprehensive about what's included in my presentation, but like all things technical, there's always more and surely something will be missing that could have been useful to share, so my apologies in advance for any omissions. 

To view the video in full screen mode, click on it and when the screen view changes, click on the double arrows on the lower right side.

If you want to pause a video so you can take notes, download an app, or refill your glass of wine, water, juice, whatever, feel free to do so by clicking the “pause” button on the lower left side of the screen. You can also make it full screen size by clicking on the double arrow icon on the lower right side of the video’s screen.

These videos do not include my narration, but there's enough here so you can learn from the presentation without my babbling in your ear, so relax and enjoy!

I invite you to leave comments or any questions here, or send me an email if you prefer:

And for those who attended my presentation and are viewing this as a refresher, thank you again for taking the time to be there with me.

Mastering SF Design Center's web site.

To visit the Design Center's web site, please click HERE.

Technology makes us better at what we do:
There Are Apps For That!

The information contained herein is for guideline purposes only, is not intended as an endorsement of any product, and is no guarantee of the results.

Images courtesy of The San Francisco Design Center, Apple, and Beryn Hammil.

Copyright © The B. Hammil Company 2011


  1. Beryn, although I was not able to attend your presentation this afternoon, I nevertheless enjoyed viewing the slide show.
    You have mastered PowerPoint, the graphics and animation are superb!
    Very informative and well thought out, especially presenting the SFDC and the design components.

  2. Thanks Leonard! Appreciate your compliment and glad you enjoyed watching the presentation.

    As an FYI and with all due respect, the show was created in Keynote, Apple's version of PowerPoint. It has great graphic interface, but, as anything technical does, it takes time to learn, so patience is required.


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