Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Real Life Experience With QR Codes

So I’m sitting in a coffee shop (something I rarely do), and was reading the newspaper (in print), again, something I rarely do (read the newspaper in print, that is; I read several every day, electronically).

As I’m reading, there’s a review of newly released movie, so I started reading it and there, in the corner, is a QR code. Knowing a great deal about QR codes, I whipped out my smartphone and used my QR code reader app to do what it wanted me to do; see the trailer of the movie.

This QR code leads the reader
to the movie's trailer
Scan it with your QR Code reader app.
Don't have one yet? Read on. 

Imagine, sitting in a coffee shop, reading a printed newspaper, and then watching a movie trailer on my smartphone’s little screen. Pretty cool. And also pretty nifty.

Watching movie trailers isn’t all it’s good for. Oh no! There’s a whole world of really useful information out there and readily available on your smartphone via QR codes.

Want to know more about QR Code readers? Check out the several articles I’ve written about them. Who knows? In addition to watching movie trailers, perhaps your business can benefit from them too.

And one that I wrote for Technorati:

Oh, and here's the QR code for my interior design business. Use your new QR code reader app to see how I’m using QR codes to tell people about it.
Beryn Hammil Designs' QR code.

The information contained herein is for guideline purposes only, is not intended as an endorsement of any product, and is no guarantee of the results.

Images courtesy of San Francisco Examiner

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