Friday, November 18, 2011

Hardware In My Handbag - Staying Functional Longer

There used to be a time when I carried just a few things that were necessities for a lady to have with her; lipstick, a compact, tissues, a comb, a little black address book.

Today, I find that my handbag has become a virtual toolbox filled with hardware to keep me connected. In addition to the above-mentioned items, which are still a necessity, less the address book, I carry no fewer than 9 pieces of gear to keep me functional. They are;

What the well-dressed woman carries in her handbag.

1. Smartphone (iPhone being my device of choice)

2. Verizon’s MiFi - a business card sized device that enables me to create my own secure wifi hot spot.

3. Supplemental power pack for the iPhone – in case the phone runs out of juice.

4. Mini flashlight (attached to the power pack by a string) - just in case I’m in the dark and the iPhone is out of juice and its flashlight app won’t work.

5. Electric power adapter for the iPhone - in case my power pack expires too.

6. BlueTooth headset – enables me to simultaneously drive and talk hands free (it’s the law in California).

7. Earphones for the iPhone - in case the BlueTooth runs out of juice.

8. Square – a device that plugs into the iPhone’s ear jack so if someone wants to make a credit card payment to me I can take it.

9. iPhone stand – in case I’m in a situation where I want to create an easel for my iPhone (makes for an handy mini-presentation device).

Naturally, most of these items reside in their own little carrying case so everything is neat and tidy.

Of course, there’s also the power adapter for my iPhone in the glove compartment of my car so I can power up en route, but this doesn’t count as a handbag item.

Part of the reason for all this “stuff” is that I live in an earthquake prone area and if I’m unable to get home after a sizable tremor, I still want to be functional. All the items except numbers 8 and 9 will help me do that. Perhaps that’s just my Girl Scout “Be Prepared!” mentality kicking in, but one can’t be too cautious, can one?

What’s in your handbag (or briefcase)? Could you and your smartphone stay in touch for more than just a few hours if you can't get home? Think about it…

The information contained herein is for guideline purposes only, is not intended as an endorsement of any product, and is no guarantee of the results.

photo by Beryn Hammil

Copyright © The B. Hammil Company 2011


  1. Great advice- I always carry a charger just in case. Nothing worse than my iphone running out of power~

  2. Thanks Cathy; It has to happen just once for a person to learn how important it is to carry a charger!


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