Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Upgrade Quicken Mac 2007 To Be Compatible With Lion OS.

Quicken Mac 2007 and Apple's Lion OS X are now compatible
If you’ve patiently waited to upgrade your Mac computer(s) to Lion because Quicken 2007 was the last hold out to be compatible with the new operating system, your wait is over! Finally.

If you didn’t read my earlier article Apple’s Lion OS X for Mac is Coming. Are You Prepared? and upgraded to Lion without checking for software compatibility, then lost all your Quicken 2007 data, it’s too late for you and you already realize this. But if you waited, like I did, then this is reason for rejoicing.

Personally, I can’t believe that it’s taken Intuit (owner of Quicken) to take this long to support its loyal Mac customers, but better late than never.

Before you upgrade your computer(s) to Lion OS X, you MUST upgrade all the Quicken files you want to keep.  If you do it after you upgrade to Lion, all your Quicken data will be lost. I can’t emphasize this enough.

The new Quicken Mac 2007 upgrade will reach down to all your Quicken files through and including 2005 and convert that data to the new version, but files older than this can’t be upgraded. They will be unreadable on the computer when you move to Lion. Why? Ask Intuit. Perhaps they figure that any financial information that’s older than 2005 you won’t need for an IRS audit, but that’s their reasoning, not mine.

Be that as it may, the link to the Quicken Mac 2007 upgrade is HERE. It will cost you $14.99, and is available as either a download or CD-ROM. What they don’t tell you on their site is that it works for Quicken Mac versions 2005, 2006, and 2007.

As with any upgrades, I strongly encourage you to back up your data prior to performing an upgrade just to be safe.

Once you finished upgrading ALL your old Quicken 2007 data, you’re now ready to upgrade your computer’s operating system. To find it, go to the Apple App Store on your computer. If you don’t have App Store yet, you can find it on Apple’s web site, or click HERE. You need to download the App Store so you can download the upgrade. You can also purchase the Lion OS X CD-ROM at any Apple store if you want to have it on disk instead. Want more info about the App Store first? Read my article about the App Store by clicking HERE.

In the App Store search window, type in “Lion.” You will be taken to the link for the download. It’s version 10.7.3, and will cost you $29.99.

BTW: If you haven’t upgraded your iPhoto app to the iPhoto ‘11 version, you’ll want to do this too so Lion can automatically sync the new photographs you take with your iPhone via iCloud.

It’s also available on Apple’s App Store. Version 9.2.2 will reach down to your older iPhoto versions, and again, you’ll want to be sure to backup all your photographs just to be safe. It costs $14.99.

Want to know more about what iCloud can do? Read my article about it by clicking HERE.
Sync photos, music, calendars, addresses and more with iCloud.

Once Quicken gave its customers the upgrade, it simply became a matter of spending time (and money) to bring my computers up to date with the latest versions of all the software I have in them. 

I spent approximately 15 hours between all the download times, the backup times, and the file transfer process to get everything properly aligned and up to date. I could leave each computer to do its thing while I did other things, but periodically they required my attention to respond to requests.

If you need more assistance with upgrading your computer(s) to Lion or you run into trouble, the pro’s at Apple are most helpful. Let them do their thing in supporting you in yours. You can go on-line for support by clicking HERE.

Quicken’s support was also most helpful. Find them HERE. I used their on-line chat service and immediately got all the answers I needed.

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Images courtesy of Intuit and Apple.

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  1. Beryn, dear friend ! Your instructions saved a lot of "hair-pulling" and made the process very clear and simple. When I had a glitch last night during the Quicken download at 1 AM, instead of phoning you, I was able to "click here" (one of your links) and was taken to Quicken customer support. You've made my life simpler, and I sincerely thank you ! It's all done now. Laurel

    1. So glad that you found this helpful, Laurel. Feel free to share it with your friends. Each one teach one, as they say.


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